Forklift Certification Training

Powered Industrial Truck Operator Training
Standard Summary
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has revised its existing requirements for powered industrial truck operator training (codified at 29 CFR 19103178(1)) and has issued new requirements to improve the training of these operators. The new requirements are intended to reduce the number of injuries and deaths that occur as a result of inadequate operator training. They apply to all industries (general industry, construction, shipyards, marine terminals, and long-shoring operations) in which the trucks are being used, except agricultural operations.
Program Objectives
Basic Operating ProceduresOperating Techniques
Capacity (weight and load center)Inspection before operation
Starting ProceduresHands-On activity
Class Schedule
Classroom TrainingTesting
Safety VideoHands-On Evaluation
Training Video
There are several benefits that can be realized by reaching the above objectives. A well-trained operator, normally, will have fewer accidents than an untrained operator will. This will result in reduced product damage, personal injury and possibly reduced insurance premiums. Another benefit is the probability of increased efficiency and productivity. Equipment maintenance costs can be reduced, when the mandatory pre-shift checks are carried out on a consistent basis, as required by OSHA regulations. We supply all documentation for your file, and provide certificates of completion and operator I.D. cards for all operators who successfully complete the class.
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