Forklift Fleet Management

Hyster Tracker Wireless Asset Management
Wireless Access Features:
  • Truck monitoring via web portal
  • Remote Hour Meter/Usage tracking
    • View and manage key performance indicator data per truck, fleet and location
  • Fault Code Tracking
    • Track and respond to CAN-based fault codes
  • Impact Sensing
    • Report, display and log impact events
  • Cost of Operation
    • Aggregate All your costs-see your real TCO
  • PM Tracker
    • Remotely view and manage equipment servicing, all via the Hyster Tracker portal
  • Access control by operator (swipe card)
    • Prevent unauthorized operation by untrained operators
  • Unattended and/or No Operation Truck Shutdown
    • Save energy when trucks are not in use.
Wireless Verification
  • Wireless Access package, plus Operator Pre-Shift Checklist
    • Help ensure operators complete mandatory checklists before turck operation
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