ERC080-120VH Electric 4 Wheel Cushion Tire

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Powered by a 36-, 48- or 80- volt AC system, the ERC080-120VH electric lift truck is the solution for a variety of applications such as warehouse, retail and industrial distribution. Its advanced ergonomic design and extended battery life makes choosing a lift truck a little easier.

Yale® electric lift trucks must pass the same demanding 15-day environment test as our ICE trucks. Freezing temperatures. Blistering heat. 30% grades. And many other grueling indoor and outdoor conditions they will never encounter again. This ensures they deliver the strength and performance of our ICE trucks, with the lower cost of ownership and environmental benefits of an electric truck.

  • The ERC080-120VH electric truck delivers maximum performance for demanding applications that require clean, quiet-running, heavy-duty capacity.
  • With maximized visibility, smooth, precise mast positioning, low-effort steering, and “human-engineered” operating controls, everything about these forklift trucks makes them easy to operate.
  • The rear-opening, one-piece steel hood and the on-board diagnostics are designed with serviceability in mind and outstanding component access makes servicing fast, easy, and convenient.
  • The highly efficient design of the ERC-VH improves battery shift life, saving dollars in energy costs, as well as increasing productivity through improved uptime.
  • Easy-operating optional AccuTouch e-hydraulic mini-levers & armrest give contoured, soft-touch surfaces, thumb actuated direction selection and seat-side power disconnect.


  • Max Height: 218
  • Max Weight: 12000 lbs
  • Capacity: 8,000 – 12,000

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