MTR007-F Heavyweight Handler

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Eliminate time consuming, labor-intensive process and achieve simple, productive transport with the Heavyweight Handler. This automated dolly-type solution offers a superior ergonomic experience when unloading trailers of flat-pack and odd-shaped, single-pack items.

Drive productivity, drive savings

  • Cut unloading times up to 50%
  • Decrease labor up to 40%
  • Achieve estimated labor savings of $74,400 per Heavyweight Handler*
  • Increase utilization of available workforce
  • Lessen product, container and facility damage

Design benefits

  • Load backrest angles and supports oblong items during transport, reducing the physical stress of manually moving heavy/bulky items
  • Tilt cylinder permits forward and backward tilt of load backrest, making loading and unloading simple and effortless
  • Base support slides under items for easy loading and unloading, reducing labor-intensive task of manually moving items onto a hand truck
  • Load strap wraps around load, securing it during transport, while providing added worker confidence and decreased physical strain

*Labor savings of $74,400 based on 2020 warehouse worker fully burdened wage of $19.37 per hour, working 40 hours per week, 48 weeks per year.

  • Max Height: 0
  • Max Weight: 1500 lbs
  • Capacity: 1,500

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