Tire Handlers in AZ, UT, CO, NV & ID

Hyster Trucks with Engineered Attachments from Greenfield Products!

  • Drop-arm design offers greater visibility.
  • Optimized truck and tire handler designs.
    • Reduced lost load and full rated tire handling capacity on truck/attachment combinations.
    • Optimized flow settings with fully calibrated hydraulics for enhanced tire handler performance.
    • Optimized counterweights for maximum stability load factors.
  • Integral mounting solution means a smaller truck will get the same capacity leading to lower acquisition and operating costs and a smaller footprint.
  • Industry leading total cost of ownership solution for tire handling mine operation.
  • 2-stage mast offers exceptional visibility and easy viewing of handling application.
  • Tire handler attachment designed for seamless body rotation and clear sightlines throughout the handling operation.
  • Increased load roller lap ensures robust mast capacity for tire handler attachment.
  • Integral mounted attachments for maximum handling capacity and minimum lost load.
  • 6-function hydraulic controls with up to 4 auxiliary functions, engineered for tire handling.
  • Designed with proportional controls for primary functions enabling high controllability.
  • Optimized counterweight provides maximum load stability under all handling conditions.
  • Designed for excellent maneuverability with minimized turning radius.
  • Oversized grab pads with up to 180 degrees rotation enables easy handling of tires, rims and wheels.
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