MHEDA 2023 Award Winner


Arnold Machinery Company is proud to announce that we have earned MHEDA’s MVP (Most Valuable Partner) Award for the second year in a row! We are very proud of this honor, as less than 10% of MHEDA’s members earn this award. Recipients must satisfy criteria in the following important areas: Industry advocacy, customer service & safety practices, business networking, continuing education, business best practices. Read below for more information detailing what we do in each of these areas.

Industry Advocacy

At Arnold Machinery Company, we believe in giving back. Every year we give back to our communities and support charitable organizations, such as Kenzi’s Causes, a children’s charity in Colorado. Every year, our Denver, CO branch supplies the organization with free use of forklifts and takes care of the trucking cost required to transport the units. We believe when we help lift burdens in our communities, everyone is elevated, and we look forward to continuing to do so!

Customer Service & Safety Practices

Our customer service, or Silver Service®, is at the core of everything we do at Arnold Machinery Company. Silver Service® is second to none in the industry as we guarantee that customers will always be left happy, no matter what, as long as all actions are ethical. We also strive for excellence in all our safety practices. From the safety share we have in each of our internal meetings to our offering of forklift certification, we do all we can to ensure safety at home, traveling, and at work.

Business Networking

We like to pull resources from, and network with businesses whenever we can to guarantee that we offer our customers the best solutions possible. We frequently work with our manufacturers to bring our customers leading edge technology. We also attend tradeshows to learn about new industry trends and tech.

Continuing Education

We raise the standard in our communities by providing education on superior salesmanship and marketing. Each of our branches offer forklift operator training to educate those at facilities near us and ensure smooth and safe operations. We also have associates visit communities and institutions. For example, our division president has taught at his local state college about his experience in sales and marketing. He and our division vice president have also judged sales competitions.

Business Best Practices

We, as Arnold Machinery Company associates help our neighbors, and try to do what’s ethically right in every situation. This applies both in and outside of business interactions. At the heart of Arnold Machinery Company are values that we encourage our associates to embody. We operate internally with integrity, discipline, and empathy, and offer our customers, vendors, and each other the industry’s best customer service policy because Customer Satisfaction is Our Only Policy®.

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