With a completed warehouse simulation, we can show you the equipment and warehouse layout necessary to increase productivity.

Taking your fleet size, unit type and your business goals into account, we are able to create a true simulation of your specific warehouse. A CAD drawing gives the simulation an understanding of your warehouse’s optimal layout. Then, with the simulation knowing the details of your fleet, it creates a moving visual of what your warehouse looks like on a day to day basis. In addition, the simulator also shows changes that could be made to increase warehouse productivity. The final product will inform you of the type and quantity of equipment needed, along with the warehouse layout that will lead to maximum productivity of your unique warehouse.


The Process

  1. Obtain warehouse layout (In either DWG or PDF format), fleet size & type, product information & flow, and the end goal(s) from the customer
  2. Build the warehouse simulation based off of the shared information provided by the customer
  3. Provide customer with data generated from the warehouse simulator

Watch the video below for more details on how the simulation is created.

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