Emerging Technologies

The ongoing shift in the way we use technology impacts industry, especially sectors like logistics and material handling. Robotic lift trucks, warehouse automation and other forms of automation evolve rapidly, allowing many industries to improve their processes quickly. These technologies are also great for those having trouble finding warehouse employees or looking to ease the jobs and flow of their current operation.


Infrastructure-Free Robotic Lift Trucks

Infrastructure-free robotic lift trucks are excellent for warehouse automation and productivity. These machines resolve issues stemming from shortages of skilled operators and fit seamlessly into your operations using your existing infrastructure to navigate. These lift trucks can self-locate, navigate warehouse floors autonomously and stop immediately if they sense unexpected movement in their path. Robotic lift trucks can operate for long periods and are highly precise, allowing skilled operators to spend more time on tasks that require human judgment and precision, while robotic lift trucks can do the heavy lifting for easily automated, repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Many robotic forklifts are highly flexible, and you can switch them to manual mode if you have a task that requires an operator.


Forklift Telemetry

Forklift telemetry systems enable companies to track the equipment in their fleet in real-time. Your wireless devices and equipment transmit information to a central data hub, where you can pull reports to analyze. These data reports can help you improve your current processes and reach peak productivity levels. Telemetry also creates an ability to prevent unauthorized personnel from operating the machinery, ensuring employee safety while reducing liability concerns. A GPS location tracking system is also another feature included. This system provides an excellent real-time view of your equipment's location.


Lithium-Ion and Hydrogen Forklift Batteries

Innovative power sources offer longer uptime, require less maintenance and enable your facility to work toward energy initiatives.

Lithium-ion-powered batteries use thousands of high-density lithium-ion cells to hold a large charge over a long lifespan. A lithium-ion forklift battery contains no metal, making it lightweight. They can charge in one to two hours and hold a continuous charge for eight hours or more. They release no harmful emissions, contributing to better warehouse air quality for your employees.

Hydrogen fuel cells work similarly to a combustion engine. A hydrogen-powered battery uses liquid hydrogen, and you can fill the tank in as little as five minutes. What's more, these batteries produce only energy, water vapor and heat.


Hänel Vertical Systems and AS/RS Systems

Hänel vertical storage systems and automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) systems are high-tech solutions for warehouses with ample vertical space. These systems are great for space-saving as they limit the amount of floor space necessary for warehouse storage by instead using available room height. Beyond storing and picking products, these systems protect items from dust, dirt and other debris inside the shuttle. They also reduce the risk of employee injury because they make it easy to retrieve goods without bending, stretching or using a ladder.


Warehouse Transportation Solutions

You can automate your facility's operations with other equipment, too. Streamline the ways you move goods through your warehouse by implementing conveyors, sorters and pallet shuttles to get items from point A to point B without human intervention or frequent interruptions.


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