There are multiple types of warehouse shelving. Certain types are more compatible with products used in specific industries. Read on for a brief description of the warehouse shelving solutions we offer and to view which industry they are often used in.

Steel Clip Shelving

Steel clip shelving is metal, bolt-less shelving. The shelves are attached to posts with clips, and the shelves can be open or closed.

Steel clip shelving is often used for:

  • Automotive equipment
  • Shelves supported by a mezzanine
  • Parts/bin storage

Rivet Style Shelving

This type of shelving is given its name because it is riveted together with shelves made of particle board or wire mesh. Rivet style shelving has light or medium capacity.

Rivet style shelving is often used for:

  • Automotive products
  • Archive storage
  • Parts storage

Modular Drawers

Shelves containing drawers made of multi-compartment cabinets. The drawer’s sizing can be adjusted to fit the length of your product, although large products will not typically fit.

Modular drawers are often used for:

  • Storage of small parts
  • Storage of multiple products that are different shape and/or Size
  • Compartment storage

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