Silver Nugget Q1 2021

Silver Nugget

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Preparing for a Return to Normalcy

The year 2020 was largely defined by change due to COVID-19. Businesses changed what they could to continue operations while keeping employees and customers safe. Now, with the arrival of 2021, we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and hoping COVID is behind us soon. With that, here are a few tools to help your warehouse(s) transition back to a normal environment.

Wire Cages:

Wire cages allow for customers to enter your warehouse and interact face to face, while also keeping them off your floor and a safe distance from most of your associates. Not only are they a great social distancing tool as we hopefully near the end of this pandemic, but they are also a great security measure as they keep people off of your floor. Doing so protects your inventory from theft or contamination, and protects you from liability if they were to somehow get injured.

Proximity Tags:

Proximity tags are new, wearable tags that vibrate when your employees become too close to one another. These tags will also be helpful post-COVID, as you can use the tags to focus on preventing collisions or keeping certain areas/lanes from overcrowding.

Automation, Warehouse Design Simulation & AutoCAD:

Unfortunately, COVID has changed the way warehouses operate. Social distancing may be with us longer than expected and many companies are taking this opportunity to rearrange their warehouse layout. A strong tool to assist with realizing the optimal warehouse layout change(s), is a warehouse design simulation. We’re seeing a large increase in automation, warehouse simulations and AutoCAD requests to help with these layout changes. The latter two programs allow for possible changes to be seen before actually being incorporated.

Winter Safety Tip

Tailpipe carbon monoxide emissions are at an all-time low. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security though. Assuming proper function and maintenance, the emissions have been over 80% reduced from previous generations. The important thing to remember is that emissions haven’t been reduced 100% YET. This means that as part of sealing our warehouse up to stay warm, we should double-check the status of our carbon monoxide detectors as well.

If you are still running a non-emission controlled piece of material handling equipment, give our service department a call to schedule a tailpipe co-check.

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