Rivet Style Shelving: Archive Storage, Light capacity items, comes in Single Rivet, Double Rivet and Z beams, Angle, or Tee Posts. Shelves can have Particle Board or Flat Wire Decks.
Steel Shelving: Can be used to store light capacity items, files, bins, parts, etc. All shelves are metal and are held on by compression clips. Comes with either closed sides or open sides as seen here. Can be converted into a storage cabinet, or have drawers added onto it.
Bulk Shelving: Also known as Light Duty Pallet Racking. Shelves can either have Plywood or Wire Decking.
Wire Shelving: Adjustable Shelves, can be used to store food, canned goods, medical supplies, liquids, bins, etc.
Pick Modules: First in, first out! Works great when working down a line, have a lot of small items, then this is perfect for you!
Multi Level Shelving Systems: Do you have a lot of shelving units, but not enough floor space to put them, but you have enough height clearance, then a Multi Level Shelving System is perfect for you. These shelving units act like the support columns for the mezzanine without loosing any shelving space.
Carton Flow: For your more bulkier items not on pallets, where you load from one end and pick from the other. Carton Flow is great for items that have expiration dates, aging inventory where the oldest gets picked first and the newest gets picked last.
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