Kärcher Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber BD 80/100 W Bp Classic

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Our BD 80/100 W Bp Classic auto scrubber provides excellent site-lines, a simple operator-friendly design, and robust materials for an efficient cleaning performance. The BD 80/100 scrubber has a powerful traction drive, which helps effortless travel of inclines and easy maneuverability. Components, which are exposed to extreme stress in tough working conditions, such as squeegee and disc brush head, are made from solid die-cast aluminum. With 32-inch disc cleaning path, a 26-gallon tank and maximum cleaning speed of up to 3 mph, which can be continuously adjusted, the machine achieves area performances of up to 43,600 ft². In the case of very stubborn dirt or for decoating, the brush contact pressure can be increased at any time from 88 to 200 lbs. The simple operating concept with color-coded elements and the Home Base adapter for carrying manual cleaning equipment, provide the operator great comfort and flexibility.

1. Easy to use

  • Classic scrubbers are easy to operate, allowing shorter training times, immediate familiarity with the machine, and less
    operating errors.

2. Robust scrub deck

  • On both BD 80/100 & BD 70/75 the components such as the scrub deck and squeegee are made of durable aluminum
    which affords the user longer life in tough applications.

3. Batteries

  • Wet and AGM battery options are available. A shelf charger is included with all three machines.

4. Adjustable brush pressure

  • The BD 80/100 & BD 70/75 offer adjustable brush pressure for much greater flexibility for cleaning on all types of floors. With up to 200 lbs of down pressure.

5. No-tool pad/brush change

  • Rigid brush T-handle enables quick change from pad to brush.

6. Home base

  • Home base kit allows for carrying of other essentials, resulting in less trips to the supply closet.
Cleaning Path (in) 32
Engine Type Electric
Productivity (Practical/Theoretical) 22,770/35,025 sq. ft/hr
Overall Width (in) 33
Overall Length (in) 59

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