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Load Lifter is now offering a new, lower profile version into our very popular Laborer Series.  The Laborer LO-PRO was designed from the Laborer with a reduced total height and the same compact frame.  The LO-PRO Series stands at only 78 ½” high with a width of 73 ¾”, making this machine ideal for container/ trailer loading, mining, poultry applications and other uses where space and height is limited.  The LO-PRO really differentiates itself from conventional rough terrain forklifts making this a one of the kind on the market.

Unlike industrial forklifts that share a smaller profile, the Laborer LO-PRO comes in 2 and 4 wheel drive, and offers a true rough terrain performance for a wide range of applications.  This machine is available in 6, 8, and 10,000 lbs. capacities with lift heights up to 18 feet.

Like the Laborer, the LO-PRO series is still equipped with a fully isolated operator’s module, which features a roomy interior, improved ergonomics, and excellent sightlines for the operator. The module comes with tilt steering, a suspension seat, and F.O.P.S. certification as standard equipment.

The LO-PRO also utilizes a componentised power train consisting of a Cummins 65 HP Interim Tier 4 Diesel or LPG engine, a 4 speed shuttle transmission and heavy duty planetary drive and steer axles. The new steer axle provides an industry leading turn radius of only 143 inches (2WD only) giving the Laborer unmatched work site maneuverability.

As the LO-PRO does have a low profile and compact frame for use in tight and low ceiling environments such as container and trailer loading; this machine is highly sought after in the Poultry Industry. Load Lifter Manufacturing is offering a special Poultry Package option with the LO-PRO Series, as well as having the ability to be equipped with a full range of OEM attachments.

Lower profile with same compact rugged design as the standard Laborer
Large, roomy operator’s compartment
6-8-10,000 LBS Capacity
Available in two & four wheel drive
Height of only 78 ½” with a Width of 73 ¾”
Lift heights of up to 18 feet
Limited slip differential
Massive front drive axle with outboard planetary drive gears
Hydraulic oil immersed disc brakes
Standard 65 hp. EPA compliant interim tier 4 Diesel Engine
Optional 74 hp. Turbo Engine
Fully componentized power train
Four speed synchromesh transmission with shuttle
Full range of integral attachments
Available high visibility, fully equipped all weather cab
Fully isolated F.O.P.S. operators module
Available Poultry Package c/w Heavy Duty Cooling Package, Feather Screen and Night Operation Lighting
Heavy Duty Slope Piler
6,000 LB Capacity 8,000 LB Capacity 10,000 LB Capacity
Capacity (lbs) 6,000 8,000 10,000
Engine Type Diesel Engine Diesel Engine Diesel Engine
Max Lift Height (Raised) Available Upon Request
Overall Width (in) 73 3/4″ 73 3/4″ 73 3/4″
Overall Length (in) 126 3/4″ 134 1/4″ 135 3/4″

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