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Phoenix Airport Location
3000 South 44th Street, Phoenix, AZ, 85040
Branch Manager: Trever Braniff
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Arnold Machinery Company Phoenix Airport

Phoenix West Location & Experience Center
10100 W Montebello Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85307
Branch Manager: Don Drushel
Phone: 623-323-7550


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Whether you have a storage room, a warehouse facility, or an outdoor lot, we are your headquarters for material handling equipment, service and support.

Warehouse and Material Handling Equipment in Phoenix, AZ

At Arnold Machinery Company, we have over 80 years of experience delivering innovative material-handling solutions to a variety of businesses. We are the region's top supplier of new, used and rental material handling equipment, parts, services and warehouse solutions designed to improve your bottom line.

Arnold Machinery Company is happy to announce that we now have two locations serving the city of Phoenix. The Phoenix West location is at 10100 W Montebello Ave. and the Phoenix Airport location is at 3000 S. 44th St. The Phoenix West will also feature the new Arnold Machinery Experience Center, showcasing the latest and greatest material handling equipment.

New and Used Forklifts

We're your local dealer for new forklifts for sale in any size from the brands you know and trust, like  Hyster®, Yale, CombiLift, Load Lifter and Navigator. Our inventory includes an extensive range of options, including LPG, diesel and electric forklifts, plus options capable of navigating narrow spaces, traversing rough terrain and lifting loads over 10 tons.

We also carry a variety of used forklifts for sale with an inventory that changes all the time. Buying used offers excellent value and we have options suited for any warehouse operation in Phoenix. Each piece of equipment receives a maintenance checkup before it is added to our inventory for your peace of mind.

Forklift Rentals

Whether you're planning for an upcoming project or had a forklift go down for repairs, we have you covered with a flexible rental. We have many models of forklifts for rent to meet your needs, including indoor and outdoor forklifts, narrow-aisle options, heavy-duty haulers and various attachments.

Our rental forklifts are kept in excellent condition by our experienced technicians. If you have any issues with your rental or need to make a change, we'll make sure you have what you need, whether it's an emergency repair, replacement, maintenance service or upgrade.

Forklift Services and Repairs

If you have a forklift or pallet jack that needs service or repair, the team at our Phoenix location has everything you need under one roof. We provide mobile forklift repair services to businesses across the area 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our technicians can work on any make or model and perform any level of repair for various issues, including but not limited to:

  • Starting: We can help identify any starting issues with your LPG, diesel, electric or any other forklift you may have. Our qualified technicians will repair your equipment so that you can get back to operations and minimize downtime.
  • Lifting: Our team can trace and fix common lifting issues linked to the mast. We will repair stuck masts, strange noises, and too-fast or too-slow operation.
  • Steering: Having a forklift with operational steering keeps you working and stacking. Our technicians will examine and repair any steering and resistance issues.

We're fully committed to your safety and the health of your bottom line. If your forklift requires any additional attention, we'll inform you so that you can avoid emergency repair work in the future.

Forklift Parts

Machine handling equipment like forklifts is vital in keeping your operations going, whether you're in farming, manufacturing or construction. Arnold Machinery Company has been in the industry for decades, allowing our team to bring you the best forklift parts from a wide range of quality brands.

We are home to the area's largest inventory of new and used forklift parts in Phoenix, Arizona. Our team has what it takes to help you find the right part for your forklift, regardless of the brand. All our parts are backed by the Arnold Machinery Company Silver Service® guarantee. Our Phoenix, Arizona, clients choose us when they need forklift parts for several reasons:

  • Hyster and Yale equipment: We're the oldest dealer of Hyster and Yale forklifts in the United States, allowing us to offer you unparalleled expert advice.
  • 150 years of combined experience: Our parts associates have over a century's worth of combined experience.
  • Wide service range: We can help you find the solutions you need for all lift truck brands, providing you with quality forklift parts and services under one roof.
  • Large Inventory: Our extensive parts inventory lets us find the perfect fit for your equipment.
  • Silver Service® guarantee: You can have peace of mind knowing all our parts and installations are backed by our Silver Service® promise to you.

Our Warehouse Services

If you have an existing warehouse or are moving into a new one, turn to Arnold Machinery Company. Our Phoenix, AZ, location provides tailored warehouse solutions to help you get the most from your space, including:

Warehouse Storage

To optimize your working space, our many warehouse storage solutions can help you take advantage of low and high points so that you have more space to transport and handle your goods. These solutions include:

  • Warehouse pallet racking: We sell and install different pallet racking solutions. Plus, you can take advantage of our design services to create a safe, efficient layout.
  • Warehouse shelving: Shelving is an important part of storing your goods safely and securely. We have a wide variety of shelving solutions for visual ease and productivity.
  • Hänel vertical storage solutions: Vertical storage frees up much-needed floor space by using room height and not width, which allows for ease of movement.
  • Mezzanines: When you need additional storage space, warehouse mezzanine platforms are ideal for providing extra storage areas between your floor and the ceiling.

Warehouse Material Handling Equipment

Having tools that can help you in your everyday manufacturing and distribution process can boost efficiency and help you reach project deadlines faster. Our inventory includes:

Warehouse Planning

Having a warehouse that works for you can allow you to get more done and store more inventory. We take pride in finding the best solution for your warehouse outlay through tools such as:

  • AutoCAD drawings: Are you planning new shelving or need a permit? We can provide free AutoCAD drawings of your ideal layout with your facility dimensions.
  • Customer Site Surveys: During a complimentary Customer Site Survey, we look at how you move and store your materials, then show you the potential areas for improvement and how we can help.
  • Warehouse simulations: Our warehouse simulation services pinpoint specific ways you can improve your day-to-day operations and enhance productivity.

Our Silver Service® Guarantee

The Silver Service® guarantee means that we will provide you with superior service and value-driven solutions every time you work with us. After all, Customer Satisfaction is Our Only Policy®. Our sales, parts, service and design teams will always put your needs first.

Other Arnold Machinery Company locations in Arizona include:

Contact Our Branches in Phoenix, AZ

Arnold Machinery Company has a legacy of over 70 years of exceptional customer service in the Western United States. We want to partner with you to find your machinery or warehouse solution today.

Please feel free to stop by one of our two locations in Phoenix. Our Phoenix West location is at 10100 W. Montebello Ave. The Phoenix Airport location with the Arnold Machinery Experience Center is on 3000 S. 44th St., conveniently located right off the Hohokam Expressway.

Want to speak with someone on our team now? Get in touch with your local experts using our contact form or call 602-237-3755 today.


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